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Potential is my seventh group project at the game assembly. "Potential" is a FPS game where the player finds an advantage point and kill of enemies by shooting them at their weak spots.
Deep down 7 is a deck building rouge lite made in UNITY

Overview of my contributions

I been an all-around designer during this project where my main responsibility has been making sure that the intended game design is communicated and maintained in the group. This means, requesting the right metrics, level design with focus on gameplay, prioritising the right feedback for playtesting, mock-up feedback and writing the design document.

Group project 7 - Potential



  • Game design

  • Metrics

  • Communicator


  • Level design – focus on gameplay

Mock-up process

First iteration - Didn't show the gameplay vision

The mock-up above was done by the graphic team in Maya and Photoshop. After I reviewed the mock-up we found out that it didn't include high ground advantage and sneaky paths that was appart of our core gameplay. It looked more like run and gun gameplay. After discussion with the graphic team we agree that we needed to iterate on the mock-up. Below you can see the process of develop our new mock-up

First pass by us, the level designers
I had the best insight on how the level should communicate gamepaly, so I did a block-out of a level that communicated the gameplay. Then my level design colleague took over and decorated it. Then return to the graphic team for feedback.

Developing process

Final art pass
This is the final version where i contributed with a block-out, my level design colleague decorated the level and grahpic team did a paint over. 

Conclusion The graphic team had a vision of an open modern brutalist vision. Level design team saw a more industrial brutalist with sneaky paths and clearly communicated patrol paths. The process of making this mock-up help the graphic to better understand the limitations that comes with a initiative first gameplay and help us level designer to understand the modern brutalist vision that the graphic team envisioned.

Paint over from the graphic team
This is the paint over we got back from the graphic team. We saw that we level designers envisioned a more industrial brutalist style while the graphic team envisioned a more modern brutalist style.